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The Institution

The “Institut zur Förderung von Bildung und Integration“ (Institute for the Advancement of Education and Integration) INBI is an intercultural educational institution which aims at promoting social, political, and legal equality for people with and without a migration background, for women and men. In order to achieve this aim the work of the institute mainly focuses on furthering vocational training and the integration of disadvantaged persons (be it socially disadvantaged or because of a migration background).

INBI organizes and runs a multitude of projects within this field not only at a regional level but also at a transnational one. Besides conducting actions which aim at integrating socially disadvantaged people into the regional labour market, the institute also organizes internships abroad for young people as well as transnational exchanges of experts in the field of education and integration. Furthermore INBI runs projects for refugees to provide initial guidance and support in the integration process.

INBI has a lot of partners in Germany as well as abroad. The institute cooperates for example with partners in Greece and Great Britain. At the national and regional level, the institute is in touch with a lot of governmental departments (e.g. for education, integration, social matters etc.) and participates in a multitude of advisory boards which deal with the advancement of integration and / or education policy in Rhineland-Palatinate. Furthermore, INBI works closely together with the local employment agencies and job centers and many local businesses.

Email: institut@inbi-mainz.de
FON: +49 6131 617297