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There‘s no place for hate and agitation here. We want to live and work well together.

The “Institut zur Förderung von Bildung und Integration“ (Institute for the Advancement of Education and Integration) INBI is an interculturally orientated educational institution, which aims are equal opportunities and equal participation of all people in society.

In order to achieve this objective, the work of the institute mainly focuses on advancement of vocational training and the integration of socially disadvantaged people, including people with migrant background and refugees.

Therefore INBI realizes projects to offer them initial orientation and support in the integration process. In addition, the institute offers coaching and various qualification opportunities for adolescents and adults affected by unemployment just as for university graduates, specialists and people in managing and executive positions. We also inform and consult small and medium-sized companies about sustainable safeguarding of the future.

INBI carries out a great number of regional and transnational projects, including many model projects. Since 2003 we have been realizing various international projects, among others by the programmes IdA, ERAMUS and youth in action.

In addition to project work, INBI has a lot of partners in Germany as well as abroad.

We cooperate among others with partners in Denmark, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Spain and Turkey. The objective of the projects is to improve the participants´ chances concerning the labour market and to contribute to the further development of information- and care offers.

At federal, state and local level, the Institute is in contact with various labour market actors (e.g. for education, integration, social affairs, etc.) and participates in a multitude of advisory boards and committees which deal with the development of integration and/ or education policy in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Furthermore, INBI cooperates closely with many companies and factories.

Please contact us for further information:

Email: institut@inbi-mainz.de
FON: +49 6131 617297